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Auditors’ Network Finland Ltd. (in Finnish ‘Suomen Tilintarkastaja verkko Oy’) was established in 1996 as a publicly authorised audit company comprising eight equity Partners who are all highly experienced authorised public auditors (APA) and certified auditors (CA)

Our business covers auditing and related services (e.g. statutory and special audits, tax issues and other assurance services) principally for small and medium size companies and other entities located mainly in southern Finland.

Auditors’ Network Finland Ltd. is a member of the Finnish tax association ‘Suomen Verokonsultit ry’ (SVK) and through it also a member of the corresponding international tax organisation ‘Confederation Fiscale Europeenne’ (CFE).

Member of MGI Alliance

In 2011 we became a member of MGI Alliance, which is a top 20 global association of auditors, accountants and consultants and provides us contacts with partner firms in more than 80 countries around the world.

Audit services

We will perform all statutory and other audit and assurance services with entrepreneurial and experienced proficiency according to the needs of each customer. 

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Consulting services

We will support entrepreneurs and entities by giving all-round advising services including corporate finance services. 

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Other assurance services

We will supply our customers promptly and according to law with statutory reports and statements in order to support their activities. 

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